About Pasopati Reka Daya We are an independent Indonesia engineering, procurement and Project Management Company leading the way insustainable development and innovation.

We Capitalize

on opportunities with Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Partners.

We specialized in Oil & Gas and Power Plant engineering.

with good track record of success.

The Company Consists of Engineering global specialists

who specialize in risk assessment, environmental reports, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering works focused on the Indonesian markets.


through our expertise and passion, we are connected to people by our sustainable values and goals.

We Offer Our Service

to private and public companies as well as governments and multi-national authorities and funding agencies.


includes key leadership roles in managing all aspects of EPC operations including technical oversight, commercial sales, business development and cultivation of in-country government and industry relationships for major multinational companies including 30 years experience Indonesian major Oil & Gas and Power companies.

Global Strategic Partnership

with numerous entities i.e. engineering partner, world wide manufactures, fabricators and specific technology provider technology licensor that offer specialized skills to cater a specific need. companies.

Business Area